Gypsys Hostel

909/2 Monteiro Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa

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Gypsys Hostel


Overview of Hostel

Gypsy: noun[C] also gipsy d??psi
noun (pl,gypsies)
A nomadic or free-spirited : why should she choose to wander the world with a
penniless gypsy like me?

Located in the land of freaks and hippies, nestled between the beach and the
orchard ,we are just a stroll away from the original flea ma

From Nights People


On the Market Road to Wednesday flea market in south Anjuna Beach, Opposite to Prison Hostel, past La Franza restaurant stands a sign you can't miss..

Located near

1) Located near the original flea market in south Anjuna and sandwiched between two other popular hostels we stand on the main market road to the beach. 2) A stones throw away from most nightclubs,restaurants & known shacks around the area. 3) A football field,a post office and ATMs are at walk able distances . 4) 10 minutes ride to chapora fort n siolim river. Our staff would be more than happy to arrange transportation or help in any way to make your experience memorable.

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

1) Original ID proof required at the time of check in for Indians. 2) Passport & visa required at the time of check in for foreigners. 3) 3 days advance notice for free cancellation. 4) Advance Cash payment upon arrival. 3) The reception is open from 9h - 23h. 4) There is no age restrictions, anyone with good intentions n vibes is welcomed. 5) No smoking in the dorms please. 6)The check in is available from 1pm, the checkouts are at 11am. 7) All Prices are including taxes.