Shiv Shakti Hostel

Near Sant Sewa Ashram (other side of bridge ), Rishikesh

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Shiv Shakti Hostel


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Why stay with us?

We have a central location with a stunning rooftop hangout and an incredible view of the Ganga. We have dinner parties every Thursday and an array of activities offered throughout the week. There is fresh chai available all hours of the day. You'll be greeted by our friendly dog

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Shiv Shakti Guesthouse is located on the other side of Laxmanjhula, which is a hanging bridge over Ganga. Vehicles drop you at the Gol Chakkar, and you have to walk 400m to the Guesthouse, crossing Laxmanjhula and then turn right from Lord Shiva round about,walk straight for about 250 mt towards Sant Sewa Ashram, look out for a street towards your left side in front of Sood & Sood travel agency. Walk upwards, The first guesthouse on your left is Shiv Shakti Guesthouse..

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Shiv Shakti Guesthouse is in the main market of Laxman Jhula and 2 km from Ram Jhula,it is located 4 km from Private Bus Station and 6 km from Local Bus Station. The Neelkanth Mahadev Temple is 21 km. The Haridwar Junction Railway Station is 36 km while Jolly Grant Airport is 30 km.

Conditions & Policy

Age Restriction

# Our policies are getting on your nerves? Shanti! Shanti! Our Guest Profile ?Our hostel is loved by back-packers, young adults, older adults, young couples, older couples, very few senior citizens, prowling wolves, idealists and romantics! ?Our guests may be quiet, loud, and quirky at times, very decent at times, free thinkers, religious at times and love that wear skimpy attire (just kidding!). ?So kids below 18, pets and parents – no entry! Sorry about that! Gulp! ?Our tolerance for families staying with us is courteously very low because of the nature of our awesome “hostelish” environment; and the expected quirkiness of some of our guests! Guest Check-In (or Sneak-in) ?Please flash when sneaking-in to our place! ? ?Foreigners must flash their valid passports during sneak-in at our cool front office! ?All back-packers and younger couples from India must flash any of these: Aadhar card, Passport, Driving License, Voter ID card. ?Hello all fellow back-packers and younger couples! Please hide your PAN Card at our front office! ?Attention residents of Rishikesh! Please sneak back into your own home; or freeload with a friend or relative! Booking Extensions ?How wonderful if you can bore us to death by staying longer – but please check for availability of floors, rooms, beds and baths. ?The updated and current published room rates will apply for any extended stay with us (Please note that the rates can be higher or lower – whichever applies at the time of extension of stay). Sneak-In / Sneak-Out Timings ?You can sneak-in at 13.00 hours. ?And sneak-out right before 10.00 hours. ?We change the timings only during earthquakes! Just kidding! ?You can sneak-in early – if there are rooms; and if we like you! ?You can sneak-out late – if the next guest got lost, arrives late, the room is available; and if we like you! ?Hanging out at our cool and friendly foyer or roof-top is ok – while waiting to sneak-in, or sneak-out. But no funny business please! Payments (Ka-Ching!) ?We do not refund, period! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! ?No show? We charge in full! Ka-Ching! ?Please make full payment 48 hours before your confirmed sneak-in time to avoid auto-cancellation. Ka-Ching! ?So you wish to cancel? That must be done at least 72 hours before your confirmed sneak-in time. Otherwise… Ka-Ching! ?We will grab your cash, credit cards (+ 3% charges) and e-transfers. Ka-Ching! Group Stays ?Large group? Let us decide if you can crash with us! ?Groups of 6 and more – we are shit scared of you! Our place turns from cool to the forbidden-city! ?Groups of 4 and above! We will send you packing to different dormitories. ?Let’s say a group decides to be outrageous! Like? You know! Doing that group thing! Out they go! ?We reserve the right to refuse admission (on the spot with no refund), or cancel the booking of groups (on the spot with no refund) whose members engage in any form of inappropriate behaviour (Such as in disturbing other guests or any such behaviour that is considered culturally and socially insensitive as well as unacceptable by us and by our complaining guests)! Others ?Please hold on to your belongings very tight at all times! The management will not be responsible for valuables and personal belongings placed in the guest’s lockers located within the dorms. ?Also, all guests must take sole responsibility for the safety and security of their luggage and personal belongings. ?We declare that we are a self-service joint! But please make a beeline for the front desk if you need anything! ?Wanna pop a pill, smoke pot and go to Nirvana? No way – out! ?Wanna flash at will? Get too cuddly with your mate in the open? And turning other guests into voyeurs! No way – out!